WELCOME TO बासुगाव फरायसालिमा
Ward No.3, PO-Basugaon, Dist- Chirang BTR Assam
A Brief History of Basugaon College

The leading personalities and the elites of Basugaon and its nearby area feeling the necessity of a College at Basugaon keep on pondering over the establishment of a College as no institution of higher education came into being even after the elapse of a few decades after independence. As a result of that noble and honest effort initiated by the intelligentsia of Basugaon, a meeting was convened on 17" July 1985 at Basugaon H.S. School premises with the following distinguished personalities of Basugaon under the Presidentship of Sri Sudhir Ranjan Narayan Deb.

  1. Sri Girish Ch. Roy
  2. Sri Bhadreswar Narzary
  3. Sri Prasanna Kr. Roy
  4. Sri Bama Charan Daimary
  5. Md. Mehbub Alom
  6. Sri Jogendra Kr. Basumatary
  7. Sri Ram Krishna Biswas
  8. Sri Nandadulal Dey
  9. Sri Prangopal Goswami
  10. Sri Kanailal Saha
  11. Sri Balendra Choudhury
  12. Sri Haripada Biswas
  13. Sri Karunakanta Kalita
  14. President/Secretary, Basugaon Anchalik ABSU
  15. President/Secretary, Basugaon Anchalik AASU

After discussing every pros and cons, they attained at a unanimous consensus and formed a steering committee with the following members:

  1. Sri Sudhir Ranjan Narayan Deb
  2. Sri Girish Ch. Roy
  3. Sri Jogendra Kr. Basumatary
  4. Sri Haripada Biswas
  5. Sri Bamacharan Daimary
  6. Sri Bhadreswar Narzary
  7. Sri Sitanath Das
  8. Md. Mehbub Alom
  9. Sri Kanailal Saha
  10. Sri Prangopal Goswami
  11. Sri Bijoy Kr. Agarwala
  12. Sri Prasanna Kr. Roy
  13. Sri Ramkrishna Biswas
  14. Sri Nandadulal Dey
  15. Sri Balendra Choudhury

The first steering committee meeting was held on 21-07-1985 at Basugaon H.S. School under the Chairmanship of Sri Girish Ch. Roy. On that meeting it was resolved to convene a public meeting covering the people of 10Km radius of Basugaon Town.

Subsequently, the said public meeting was held on 11- 08-1985 at Basugaon H.S.School and resolved with much enthusiasm to establish a College at Basugaon. For that esteemed purpose an Executive Committee was formed on that meeting with the following personalities:

PresidentSri Sachin Ch. Das, Principal, Basugaon H.S. School.
Executive PresidentSri Girish Ch. Roy
Vice-PresidentSri Sudhir Ranjan Narayan Dev
SecretarySri Nandadulal Dey
Asstt. SecretaryMd. Mehbub Alom
TreasurerSri Balendra Choudhury


  1. Sri Tejendra Baruah
  2. Sri Kanailal Saha
  3. Sri Bamacharan Daimary
  4. Sri Birendra Narayan Brahma Patgiri
  5. Sri Prabhat Ch. Roy
  6. Sri Haripada Biswas
  7. Sri Prangopal Goswami
  8. Sri Jagendra Kr. Basumatary
  9. Sri Subhash Basumatary
  10. Sri Harimohan Brahma
  11. Sri Nayaram Roy
  12. Sri Bhadreswar Narzary
  13. Sri Ramnath Brahma
  14. Md. Zainal Abedin Munchi
  15. Sri Prafulla Pathak
  16. President/Secretary, Basugaon Anchalik ABSU
  17. President/Secretary, Basugaon Anchalik AASU

In the meeting it was also decided to collect an amount of Rs. 51/- (Fifty one) each as donation from all members of Executive Committee to raise the College Fund and Sri Prafulla Pathak of Kashikotra was the first donator in this regard. In addition to this the committee also collected Ten Paisa as well as from fifteen to twenty five paisa later on as donation from each ticket of Basugaon Cinema Hall, besides collecting fund from Lotteries and bamboo traders. In this regard, the Basugaon Anchalik ABSU played a significant role in favour of Basugaon College.

On September 1, 1986 after one year of relentless preparation the first year of T.D.C. classes began in one of the rooms of Basugaon H.S. School with tremendous enthusiasm and Jubilence with Mr. Karunakanta Kalita as temporary Principal of Basugaon College. The class was inaugurated by noted educationist Mr. Uddhab Pathak, Ex. Lecturer of Abhayapuri College. Next, former Principal of Kokrajhar Govt. CTE, Mr. Duleswar Konwar took the charge of Principal of Basugaon College in the first part of December of the same year.

Land of Basugaon College:

The Executive members of Basugaon College Sponsoring Committee, ABSU Basugaon Anchalik and AASU, Basugaon Anchalik toiled hard to build permanent campus of Basugaon College. In this regard, various organisations and institutes donated land to Basugaon College as follows:

  1. Basugaon H.S. School. measuring a land of around 6/7 bighas.
  2. Basugaon Swartha-Raksha (Development) Committee led by its the then President Sri Prasanna Kr. Roy, Measuring a land of 6/7 bighas.
  3. Basugaon Milan Sangha, measuring a land of around 1(one) bigha.

Later on, Revenue Deptt. of Govt. of Assam allotted the said (donated) land to Basugaon College on 04-12-2000 having Dag No. 130/183, 128/185, 83/188 of Basugaon part-III. Finally, as per order from the D.C., Kokrajhar, the circle officer of Kokrajhar Revenue Circle handed over the "Settlement Order cum Possession Certificate" to the sponsoring committee of the College on 31-08-2001.

On the land donated by the various organisations, construction of college building measuring 96 x 34 feet along with varenda began in the month of January, 1987 and the construction ended towards the end of same year. Erstwhile Honourable Health Minister of Assam, Mr. Chandra Mohan Patowary, inaugurated the new College building. After this another Assam type building measuring 48x18 feet alongwith varenda was constructed.

Formation of Sponsoring Committee of Basugaon College In 1986 a Sponsoring Committee of Basugaon College was formed with the following personalities:

PresidentSri Girish Ch. Roy
Vice-PresidentSri Majendra Roy
SecretarySri Nandadulal Dey
Asstt. SecretaryMd. Mehbub Alom
Asstt. SecretarySri Kandarpa Baruah
Asstt. SecretarySri Subhash Basumatary
TreasurerSri Balendra Choudhury


  1. Sri Bhadreswar Narzary
  2. Sri Tejendra Baruah
  3. Sri Amulya Kr. Deb Choudhury
  4. Sri Sandhya Ram Roy
  5. Sri Jogendra Kr. Basumatary
  6. Sri Ramen Medhi
  7. Sri Bamacharan Daimary
  8. Sri Narayan Roy
  9. Sri Haripada Biswas
  10. Sri Pabitra Kr. Barman
  11. Sri Prangopal Goswami
  12. Sri Prafulla Pathak
  13. Sri Duleswar Konwar
  14. Sri Pandab Rava
  15. President/Secretary, Basugaon Anchalik ABSU
  16. President/Secretary, Basugaon Anchalik AASU

A list of the respected Presidents of the Sponsoring Committee/Governing Body of Basugaon College from the date of its first formation till date:

  1. Sri Girish Ch. Roy
  2. Sri Bipin Daimary
  3. Mr. Kandarpa Baruah
  4. Mr. Derhasat Basumatary

First Graduates of Basugaon College

The following were the first batch of graduates from Basugaon College in 1989 under Gauhati University-

  1. Sri Bibhisan Barman
  2. Md. Fazal Hoque
  3. Sri Bijan Roy Choudhury
  4. Sri Joy Ram Roy
  5. Sri Nab Ranjan Deb
  6. Sri Dipak Das
  7. Sri Pradip kr. Sarkar
  8. Smt. Jamati Roy
  9. Md. Prem Alom

Principals of Basugaon College :

In February, 1991 Mr. Duleswar konwar resigned from the post of Principal of Basugaon College due to ill health condition and so Mr. Khanindra Kr. Chakraborty, Lecturer of Assamese Department was appointed as Principal in-charge from 16th February, 1991 till the appointment of permanent Principal. Next, Mr. Prabin Barman was appointed as permanent Principal by the Sponsoring Committee on 15th December, 1994 and he served in his position till October 2000. After him, Md. Mayemun Ali, Lecturer of Political Science Department, also served as Principal from 17th November, 2000 to September, 2008. At present Dr. Ranen Ch. Muchahary has been serving as the Principal of Basugaon College from 08-10-2008.

N.B. Source : From old college records and from the records prepared for the Souvenir of the Silver Jubilee celebration of Basugaon College in 2011.